Why you should include Lymphatic Therapy as a part of your HydraFacial Treatment

The lymphatic system is a network of organs, nodes, ducts and vessels. It produces a substance called lymph and transports it from tissues to the blood stream. As lymph circulates the body, absorbs fluid, waste, dead cells, bacteria, viruses, fats and proteins. It works with your circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen and hormones to the body’s tissue. If you are sick, surrounded by pollutants, taking medications or have poor eating habits your lymphatic system may become overtaxed and incapable of performing its necessary duties effectively. We call this toxic build up, which can cause an imbalance of hormones, difficulty in building immunity as well as reduced ability in the creation of energy.

Lymphatic therapy encourages the flow of lymph through the system to promote the removal of wastes and toxins as well as the delivery of nutrients and hormones to enhance the health of skin. Lymphatic therapy is performed prior to your HydraFacial treatment and focuses on further improving the skin’s health by moving lymph through the nodes along your face. Many clients find the therapy soothing and relaxing and see an immediate improvement in inflammation, headaches and sinus pressure/congestion. Lymphatic therapy may be performed safely on a daily or weekly basis.

2 thoughts on “Why you should include Lymphatic Therapy as a part of your HydraFacial Treatment

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